Fitness Classes

Studies show that 20 minutes of serious water aerobics burn more fat calories than jogging a mile. Studies also show that the harder you push the water, the more resistance the water gives back – therefore, you never outgrow the water.

With no impact on your joints, water aerobics is a great option for injury recovery, and those suffering from arthritis and many other ailments.

Water Aerobics

Monday / Wednesday / Friday

5:30 AM, 7:30 AM & 6:15 PM

Tuesday / Thursday

10:30 AM Year-round


10:30 AM

Jump into fitness with our water aerobics classes! No experience is necessary and there are varying intensity classes for all fitness levels. Our experienced and certified instructors will guide you through exercises until you feel like a pro. Water shoes recommended.

Classes are included in monthly/quarterly/annual memberships.

Water Walkers

Tuesday / Thursday

2:30 PM Year-round

A walking based, in-water resistance class for those looking for less cardio in their workout. A great class for beginners, advanced, and athletes, resistance training is fantastic for working on balance and flexibility. Our summer class is outdoor in the lazy river working with and against the current. Some serious fun that requires hats and sunscreen.

River Walkers & Wave Jumpers

Tuesday / Thursday

10:30 AM Lazy River

Monday / Wednesday

10:30 AM Wave Pool

A resistance training class that is great class for beginners, advanced and athletes. Our summer class is outdoor in the wave pool or lazy river working with and against the current. Some serious fun that requires hats, water shoes and sunscreen.

Personal Training

Fitness Physiology

Russ with FitnessPhysiology has made it easy to design a personalized well-rounded fitness program. One 30-minute visit and you’re on your way! Or, if you’d rather have a super-tough, one-on-one or one-on-two personal training session, Russ will make sure that you smile through the sweat. By appointment, prices vary by package.

Aquatic Personal Training

30 Minute Session


$160/5 Sessions

45 Minute Session


$215/5 Sessions




Joy. Gratitude. Balance.

For times and dates please visit

Community based classes open to the public. One hour inclusive, gentle yoga.  For more information or to register, visit

Triathlon Training

Prepare for the Palouse Sprint Triathlon

Truth Endurance is offering a 10-week beginner triathlon training program that will prepare participants to compete in the Palouse Sprint Triathlon this September.

Endurance Coaching Services

10-Week Triathlon Training Program